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All you need to know about uPVC Door Lock Repairs

uPVC doors tend to get wear and tear over time. These doors are flexible to use and can be molded into the desired form. They are secure and do not break easily. But some problems might arise with the doors.

There can be something both at the external and internal ends which causes difficulty in opening and closing. These locks engage at multiple points so keep a check on them. Being a homeowner you might face some problems with your uPVC door lock repairs which a professional locksmith can fix in no time.

Common problems and uPVC Door Lock Repairs

Misalignment of doors

Misaligned doors are a very common problem especially when you change the door type and door locks. Sometimes older locks also get misaligned due to wear and tear and rough use over the years.

The lock cannot open or close properly which means that you cannot lock and unlock the doors. Weather conditions also cause the doors to leave their place which results in misalignment. The doors can expand due to extreme feed and contract in extreme cold.

A professional locksmith however takes care of these minor changes and fixes the door frame appropriately. There can be a problem with the alignment of the doors and the locking mechanism.

Fixing the misalignment of the doors is quite easy. Lose the fixings present on the inner side of the door frame with the help of a screwdriver and align it in position with the lock. Once the door and the locks come in line fix the screws back in and the perfect place.

Broken Locks

A major issue with a uPVC door lock is that it breaks due to pressure. It happens mainly because of frequent pressure and rough use of those. The indicator of this problem would either be a stuck door that is neither locked nor unlocked.

A professional Locksmith Watford Service can resolve this issue by replacing your lock with a new one. You can avoid this issue from appearing in the first place by using a lubricant regularly like WD40. Make sure that you do not put excessive pressure on the locks and do not bang the doors roughly.

Stuck Door Handle

A uPVC door handle does not Move up and down which causes a problem with locking and unlocking the door. It indicates that there is a problem with the internal mechanism of the lock. A professional uPVC door lock Service can resolve the problem by replacing the faulty components or changing the lock altogether.

A problem with locking the Door

Sometimes the issue occurs in locking the door, even if it is closed the latch does not engage. It indicates a problem with the spring mechanism of the door you can check it by accessing the latch with your finger. It is out of alignment if the latch moves out of the attachment part. Failure of the spring is also possible.

It happens due to the contraction or expansion of the lock during the temperature change. Use a cloth with warm water in case of extreme cold over the latch. Keep a cloth having cold water flush if your door has expanded due to warm temperature.

Why a professional locksmith is better for uPVC door lock repairs?

An experienced door Lock Replacement Company is better at performing the task and fixing the door locks almost instantly. They can reach you anywhere if you have to go somewhere and your lock is stuck if you are locked out of your home or office. These professionals are a life-saver, especially in the time of need. They have the right tools and perform the job quickly and perfectly.

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