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All about uPVC locks and uPVC door lock repair.

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A uPVC door lock is popular because of its unique multi-point locking system. They are the most secure and preferable option if you are looking for a security upgrade. They work using a multi-point locking system that protects your houses and offices against burglars and intruders. It has three different locking mechanisms which seal the doors completely.

uPVC locks are installed in uPVC composite doors in the door frame and make an airtight seal. It has a central deadbolt with two hooks at the top and bottom. The euro cylinder operates when you insert the keys and enables a multi-lock mechanism. It uses a combination of bolts, latches, hooks, and rollers for additional security.

Common issues with uPVC door locks

A premium quality door lock will work seamlessly for about 5 to 10 years. But some common problems arise with the multi-point door lock system. The working of this lock is somewhat complicated, so you should understand each component to fix these problems yourself. Following are some of the issues and their solution.

Faulty lock cylinder

You can trace a faulty lock cylinder when the key does not turn in the lock and the lock can not function properly. It becomes very difficult to lock and unlock the door. Now this problem needs a lock replacement by a uPVC door lock repairs service. It mostly happens when the lock is used roughly and becomes old due to excessive working over the years.

Misaligned Locks

Sometimes the alignment is not proper between the lock and the door frame. This means that even a uPVC lock can not secure your house. It is not properly locked and can be unlocked easily by rattling the door without a key. You can check this issue by locking and unlocking the door several times. It makes your property highly unsafe. A Locksmith Watford service can help to fix the misaligned lock easily.

Broken Lock

Locks break when they are used roughly. People also add a lot of pressure on the lock when it does not open smoothly. Moreover, be prepared for a broken lock if you have purchased a cheap uPVC lock. The mechanism is not good enough to support your composite doors. So, use a good lubricant to enable the smooth working of the locks. You need to replace the lock in most cases. But a uPVC door lock Repairs can help to repair or replace the locks much faster.

How to repair a uPVC door lock?

Replacing the door lock mechanism is a very difficult task as the model of every uPVC lock is different. Check the lock model from the box or confirm from a local hardware store. A professional locksmith will however know how to fix the uPVC lock. Firstly remove the old lock with the help of a screwdriver. Now remove the handle after all the screws have loosened. Clean the part where you want to fix the new lock.

Now place the new lock within the space and fit it in using a rubber hammer. Do not use a metal hammer or extreme force otherwise, you can break the internal components of the lock. Check the alignment and tighten the lock with screws. Major problems in the door or uPVC lock appear because of poor maintenance and rough use.

You can avoid the majority of problems by using a good lubricant like WD-40 and silicone with your key to remove the dirt from the keyhole. Moreover, you can have door lock repair service have an annual inspection to avoid window and door lock problems. A professional does a better job and knows how to fix a uPVC door properly.

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