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All about composite doors and Composite Door Locks

A composite door is considered to be more durable than a wooden or uPVC door. It has a wooden core along with laminate or glass-reinforced plastic. They have a lever-lever or a lever-pad handle which makes them highly secure with their high performance and smart technology. Composite door locks have large hooks and a center bolt at 25mm which adds to their security.

Types of composite door locks

Composite locks are the highest security front doors and use the most advanced type of locks. You can contact any composite door locks service to get them easily.

1. Utilon lock is the most secure lock with its specialized protection system. It can sense a forced entry and activates ultimate security to prevent burglars from breaking in. This lock has an inbuilt system that prevents uninvited entry to your property.

2. Switch locks are a favorable choice as you do not need to insert a key. These are perfect for an emergency exit and entry. These locks use a spindle rod to connect the exterior and interior parts of the door knob. Press the switch when you open or close the door, it is super easy and safe to use.

3. AV3 lock is a smart lock that has an external hand. It locks when you close the door. It operates on a magnetic system where the hooks move with magnetic force and seal the doors immediately.

4. Lever-lever lock is suitable for back composite doors which gets you unhindered entry. They get locked in place with a key. You can have secure windows and back doors with this lock.

5. A split spindle is a type of composite door lock which can be opened from inside but you need a key to get back in. They are preferable for most front doors and windows which gives you extra security.

6. The Slam lock seals the door when you pull it and there is no need to turn the handle. It works on an auto-lock system. It has a bolt at the interior for easy access and uses a key for entry from outside.

7. The key wind-up lock works using a typical lever and does not have external handles to work. You can operate it with a key. The latch bolt closes the door immediately once you pull it. You will always need a key to gain entry. It is the most secure and advanced lock system.

Composite doors and their problems

You might face some issues with composite doors and locks. Here's how to fix it:

Faulty handle

If you are using a lock with a handle, it is the most common problem. Sometimes the handle does not turn up and the lock does not go in place. It means that the door alignment is faulty or the lock mechanism is not working. Call a composite door locks service to fix the issue. Better not to strain the door and have a technician look at it.

Faulty door lock

Most of the problems in locks arise due to improper or old alignment. The locks do not work properly. Lubricating the locks can help but it is better to have a technician resolve the hitch. The locks sometimes do not fit or the door becomes hard to lock. An experienced door Locksmith Watford Company can get your composite locks working in no time.

Sticky locks

You can prevent a sticky lock by following the care instructions for your lock cylinder and machinery. You can use a grease lubricant for the machinery and a silicon-based one for the cylinder part of your door. The cylinder portion is the area where you put in the key. However, a regular composite door locks inspection can save you from all these complications.

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